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August 15, 2010


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Don't know the author wrote this article in the first place is what, but I'd agree with your views

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If past is prologue, by October, Sink and her Republican opponent (McCollum or Scott) will be eviscerating each other in television commercials and engaging in some of the very negative politicking her ad seems to decry. The reason: negative campaigning works. Just ask McCollum and Scott.

Like McCollum and Scott, Sink will be demanding that she and her opponent "debate the issues" and talk about what's really important to Florida. But, as the Republicans did in this primary, chances are high that Sink and her Republican opponent will only agree to a paltry number of debates (4 or fewer), which will leave little time to fully discuss and vet the issues because the forums (fora?) will be structured around television rules. What probably won't happen: A meaningful exchange on a topic that lasts more than five minutes, a basfdack-and-forth where the candidates will actually have to debate each other and defend their positions under questioning.

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