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January 01, 2010


Jamie Rowe

I had deleted almost 1k from my facebook profile a few months ago because the lines were getting blurred between close friends and band fans.. But i really missed the fans and to be honest, it got a little boring.. so I started adding folks again.. but i still like having tandem accounts is a goid thing. For new artists, I would suggest they have a strong fanpage more than the personal account.

David Burns

Interesting and timely post for me, Mr. Bach. Just this Thursday night the 'Rags played a New Years Eve concert in Ojai; the first thing the promoter said to me when we showed up for sound check was "my, you are just an angry Republican, aren't you." (I am neither of those things, by the way.) He added that he had felt like punching me out on a number of occasions after reading some of my Facebook posts, which are, at times, of a political nature.(he was speaking largely in jest, but you get the point--we were at odds.) This was someone we had worked for in the past, and I detected a chilliness coming from him that I hadn't before, although this may have been my imagination. While we have a band site as well, I do much of the business through my personal page--this experience showed me that it might be best to change this.

Wishing you and all who stumble across this a happy New Year. Guardian rules!!!


Mr Burns!

Thanks for your comment. That cracks me up to hear that you were incorrectly labeled as an angry Republican. Your mom would shiver at the thought! For anyone else reading this, Mr. Burns is a childhood friend of mine with whom I not only politically debated with in elementary school...but also spent countless hours with playing air guitar to Monkees records. Not surprisingly, we were the two kids on our street who ended up being professional musicians—although he is ten times the player I am. Cheers Burnsetto!

David Burns

Well...I'm not certain that I'm ten times the player that anyone is (although it is ALWAYS pleasant to hear it)--but I will say that one of us actually MADE IT in the biz; the other is just sort of treading water. (I'll leave it to the reader to guess which is which.) (Hint: the former is NOT the one who teaches high school.)

And here's a bit of trivia for you Guardian fans: An 8-year-old David Bach threatened to assassinate me if we ran for President against each other and I won. (Or was it the other way around?) Ah, time.

Cheers back out you, the honorable Mr. B!


I agree. I've used twitter, and my facebook fan page, to interact with people who like my work. I'm not yet at the level of having "fans" yet. I've always felt Facebook was more personal, where as twitter is more marketing. I do get a lot of people wanting to be friends through other contacts and such. To some, I think it is just a carryover from myspace. Just racking up numbers. Since I post personal things, I usually don't accept a lot of requests. Sometimes I take a chance, because you never know who you might meet through it, in which I have made some great friends.

From a fans point of view tho, when I have friended a muscian that I have liked, and all I get from them are "buy my next record" or marketing crap, I drop them. It's nice when you can interact with someone that you grew up listening to.

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