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November 16, 2009



Having read this post, I am reminded of TLC's "Crazysexycool" album from 1996, which sold 10 million copies.

And yet the three girls who made up TLC still declared bankruptcy after recoupable expenses, along with taxes and other commissions, ate up much of their royalties.

Do you suppose Tionne, [the late] Lisa and Chilli were that "fortunate" back then?


Touche, Byrd. From what I know of the TLC deal, it started out as a production deal with Pebbles, who was the one who originally got the deal and then paid the girls (or not!) out of her cut. So that deal was watered down to begin with. My point is that monies invested by record companies are not the same as borrowing money from a bank. Even though record deals are actually usurious interest rates, you can walk away at the end...without losing your house. Try that with a bank.

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