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February 17, 2009



Very well put. sometimes I feel that in our modern age, we have put death far away from us. When faced with it, some of us crumble. After a good friend of mine passed away a few years back, it really through a lot of what we feel and believe in life back in my face. It takes a while to get back on the bike and ride. Sometimes the first year is smoother as the numbness is in effect. But in the second year, reality can hit. There is not really a day that goes by, where I do not think of my friend and wishing to talk once again. Even with the hope of salvation, and knowing that we shall meet again, it is still tuff. Thanks for the honesty.


Is that Joshua, Little Joshua from cornerstone 92' the little boy that sang with Jaime "send a message"? wow I can't believe he is at military service!!! As i could see on the videoclip, I thought he would be a Rock Star, may be part of the 2nd generation of Guardian. jajajaj. That's nice you know, Congrats. you have a beautiful familiy, Give thanks to the Lord my friend.

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