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September 17, 2008


Shawn Kitchen

If I ate an entire box of NutraSweet, I still don't think I'd be as saccharin as that band. Wowza!

I went to a Free Methodist college which prohibited dancing. Since "dancing" was defined as rhythmic moving of the FEET, we'd end up kind of bobbing back and forth like that guitar player. I suddenly feel so embarrassed about my youth!

So I guess the big question is this: When should we plan on seeing the Guardian tribute version of this song?


I got this a while back thru an email and was finally able to get it out of my head after a few day.
Thanks for putting it back in my head!!!!

Jesus is my friend

David Bach

Indeed! He is like a Mountie...He always gets his man.


I like the Doobie Bros. style sentiment better. lmao!



That was full of cheese.

And some people wonder why the world mocks some Christian music. Bad music is never an excuse. That was horrible.

Bring back Guardian!

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