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June 06, 2008



Can someone please help me i am searching for the 14th and the 25th guitar picks. I already know where the gold one is so don't tell me that one.


where is the second and the 17th pick i need it urgently

Ps tell me

Hello I need the 3rd and 16 Pink 3rd 16 white Pls tell me and ill give u a free mems account Email me at Wildfrogmaster25@gmail.com


The 25th guitar pick is loacted outside the ice-cream shop. You will see a little blue guitar pick near the sprinkles.


The first guitar pick is located in the city hall. Go inside the license room and you will see the guitar pick near the rows of chairs. The guitar pick is the color green. Hope I helped you!


Here's a cheat to get a free membership and lots of money. Around franktown there are signs saying friends of franktown. If you click it, it gives you a friend code. So your job is to tell your friends and family the friend code and to join franktown. When they're signing up they have a choice to enter a friend code. Then they have to enter the friend code that you gave them. When they enter it in you receive a free membership and 200 franks. Hope that helped!! I am very glad to help!

David Bach

Hi Khadijah,

You have been very helpful to other players. You have been given some free membership time on the site.

Frank Town

Can you help me find the 1, 13 and 16 pick. Please


for the 15th you have to member don't you?


IF you need a sleeping mask, go to the clothing store and there will be a red bucket with a sign saying "Take one free". Then click on it and you will get a free sleeping mask for the pajama party.


The pajamas are in the clothing store in the the top wear section. The teddy bears are in the acesorries section.


The pajama party is on the top floor in the pizza porlour. I hope I helped you.


Please tell me were is the golden pick.....

David Bach

The golden pick can be found where the mayor's gargoyles watch over the city. Be patriotic!

cool girl

i still dont understand where the 29th pick is at.what kitchen?whatbin?

cool girl

please tell me where the 29th pick is at!Please i beg you.i never find anything.i've been looking all around franktown and its no there.


Did you look in the kitchen? Its where all the empty pizza boxes go.


I need help, tell me where is the 1st and pick pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


can anyone tell me where the 8th 9th 19th and 21st pick is? i can't find it anywere

Simon Liu

Please tell me where the 29th guitar pick is with details and which room.

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