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June 06, 2008



the 2nd pick is located in the barber shop next to a window on the right hand side and if this makes it any easy the colour is brown its not exactly next to a window near the window but not too far away


the 29th pick is found in the kitchen in the pizza place. there is a sign pointing to the kitchen. on the left hand corner there is a bin on the bin is a blue coloured pick.


The 16th pick is outside the clothing store on the recycling bin in the middle of the triangle hope it helps!


Where is the twenty ninth guitar pick with picture,place and detail?


loco me decis como conseguir todos los picks


where is the 20th pick i have all but i cant find the 20th


i can tell everybody where are all the picks but you have to telll me where is the 20th pick


where is the 3rd, 7th, 8th, and 20th!!!


Everyone my friend and i are making a website where you could get free memberhsip for franktown!


Does anybody know where pick #8 is? I am not sure if it is by The Record Store or The Recording Studio. Thanks!


I like club penguin. and franktownrocks. My frend said there is a special code for franktown rocks that makes you a member for no money. The code is franktownfarts . I tried it and it workd.

pediatric ENT

I need a clue too! I think i'm stuck.

Luke Hamilton

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