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June 06, 2008



Where do you find golden pick number 16 and the actual golden pick? Please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My kid and I search every where for the 16th pick!

David Bach

I should not do this but...since you read this on my blog:

The 16th pick is outside of the Dept. Store but it is cleverly hidden. Think..."Recycling".

As far as as the golden pick...here is a clue: The mayor has entrusted the gargoyles to protect it where he offices.

Sorry for not being more specific but I would feel bad if I just told you directly.


ok i understand Thank you soooooooo very much!


Can you just please give me another little clue... PLEASE!!!!!!!! For the golden pick.


Please tell me another tiny clue and I promise I won't ask for any more!

David Bach

ok - gargoyles are usually on top of buildings. What is the mayor's building? Be patriotic


THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! How can I thank you?

David Bach

Glad you had fun playing!


Maybe you'll bump into my daughters nickname! Her nickname is lolastone.


thankz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so glad! thank u sooo much !!!!!!!! add meQ! sarahtownrocks!


please give me one clue

David Bach

Read the comments above...there are some good clues there. Have fun and thanks for playing Franktown Rocks!


can u please tell me where the 23rd pick is or at least give me a hint

David Bach

the blue couch is my favorite when drinking coffee


hi.. can you tell me where the eleventh and the 23rd and 29th picks are :S Please :)


11th pick is in the cinema in the palm near the popcorn...23rd is on the blue sofa in the coffee near the pillow...and 29th is in the kitchen near bin ...AND THE GOLD PICK IS ON TOP OF CITY HALL UNDER GOLD BALL

David Bach

Well done, xxxx. But other players should keep in mind that the golden pick only appears after you have found ALL the other picks. You can't even see it until you have found the others. Have fun and thanks for playing at Franktownrocks.com


thank you David...I'm helping other players cuz I found all picks and after finding 30 picks they have to find gold pick and I said them where they can find it.


Hey david me again the other person that said (thankz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so glad! thank u sooo much !!!!!!!! add meQ! sarahtownrocks!) Wasn't me sorry!! Oh and thx again and I need to talk to the mayor about something and if you you could help me with that please reply!!!

David Bach

Hi Denise,

I do indeed know the mayor! Please feel free to write to support@franktownrocks.com and I will see that the Mayor gets your message.


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