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January 17, 2008


vanilla swirl

Having never made my living off of music, I'm not sure if this is such a big catastrophe. I'm one of the thousands (millions?) of mediocre musicians who have played the covers in hundreds of coffee house's (remember those) churches, outdoor concerts, prisons, etc. Ate a lot of chicken dinners in church basements and stayed in a few peoples homes on our little funky "tours". Maybe it's time to minister to the body instead of yearning for the roar of the crowds.
I haven't heard anyone talk about expanding our market though! What about the rest of the world? In a few years China will jump ahead of us as a consumer market.......and who will sell them music?
Marketing! that's where it's at!
Just a few years ago the local CCM radio station was bought by Disney, a heartbreak to a lot of us. Who would want to listen to that crap? Hmmmmm..... every heard of Hanna Montanna?
Disney created a nation wide market out of nothing and created their own stars out of nothing. (we won't get into the fact that Disney is run by rich gays)
Go to the rest of the world! From a Christian perspective the world is dying to here the Good News.
From a marketing perspective the world is ready to buy! (have you heard chinese music.....yuk!)

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