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December 07, 2007


Shawn Kitchen

I love seeing early clips of now famous artists, when you can see the earliest stages of their style gaining form. I didn't even recognize Coverdale's voice at first, until he said something with a long "ah" sound in it, and then I thought "Oh yeah... there he is".

What impressed me about the Sabbath vid was that the crowd dang near outshouted the PA system!

Jimmy Arceneaux

Mr. Bach!

That time period for me was just as frenzied, I lived in Texas, only dreaming that such a huge event would ever happen in my sorry lil town of El Paso. Then seeing clips on news things or whatever.

And Burn, to this day, is still a mark in history for me as well. On a lot of levels (who woulda known that Ritchie Blackmore, years later, would have me violently expelled from the club I booked. A great story I will share with you soon).


Thanks for the blurb on this GREAT time in music, probably never to happen again.

David Bach


Do tell your Blackmore story! It's the stories that matter.


Jimmy Arceneaux

okay, remind me via email, and I will tell it...it's funny....well....now it is....wasn't then.

Machine Messiah

Glen Hughes, the quiet talent. Did you ever see the interview Eric did with him back in 1997? It was at the Coach House. Marc Bonilla put on the show and got Glen to play there. Bonilla was hostile towards Eric and I because we were interviewing Glen but not him and he put on the show and was the headliner. The atmosphere was so tense you could cut it with a knife. Even I was getting upset. A guy from his band told us why he was pissed at us. So unpro of him.

Meanwhile, when Glen came in the room it was all friendliness and warmth with cheer. When Glen left it was doom again with Bonilla and his attitude. Then suddenly Glen reappears and its like all is happy and smiles again. It was like Glenn was the red zone in a blue room created by Batman's Dr. Freeze. I still hate Marc Bonilla because of that day in 1997. Yeah, "hate." Du, Du Hast, Du Hast meiche. Glen, what a great guy. Even during his Snickers bar phase on Seventh Star he kicked ass.

The best moment of VH live at the Pond last tuesday was when Dave is singing, "Its really kinda frightening how this younger generation swings..." while he is looking right in Wolfgang Van Halen's face. Dave isn't 24 anymore and I'm not 11.

Getting old sucks. Nostalgia is all we have left. At least we saw the golden age of rock 'n' roll. One day someone could come up to me and say, "No Way! you saw G'n'R at the Whiskey!?"

Beggars Banquet. Oh, yeah. We sold legit product to that husband and wife team. Nice people that occasionally got raided for back room boots of Van Halen, bad Zep live and Fleetwood Mac etc. They ended up having a kid in the early 90s. Back then a good bootleg could make your weekend hanging with your best friend(s). Oh, how the thrill is gone.

I never realized how the music business was evolving while I was in the midst of it. I walked into a movie that was about 30 minutes in and left with 10 minutes to go while the NSYNCH ending was underway. Its substantially played out today. All things have their "heyday." No one wants to admit the party is over, especially when they JUST got there (today's teenagers). Its a shadow of what it was.

Record Trading Center was pretty cool store to go into also. Get new music for trading in your old music? Great for a teenager of little means. Back then, when someone stole someone's Van Halen LP, it was like GRAND THEFT and someone was going to get payback.


PS "You know we had no time, we could not even try..." :)

David Bach


Rock on. Thanks for sharing. Awesome stuff! Yes—Record Trading Center in Orange, CA. Fond memories of the owner—with his stringy long blonde hair—perusing my vinyl that I offered up for trade. I remember him openly challenging my desire to trade in Truth by The Jeff Beck Group for a Steve Howe solo album. In retrospect, he was probably right. Fortunately, I still have both.

As far as Bonilla—I recently rediscovered Kevin Gilbert's Shaming Of The True this year. Great stuff.

Do share—the stories are what matters.

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