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March 09, 2007


Jimmy Arceneaux

And the crowd stood by,, silently watching the demise of their culture.

The thing about Roth is a shame, a real shame. In the days of hardly any outstanding (rock)stars, it woulda' been nice top see a musical vet "give it to the kids" who may or may not have been watching.

It seems as if the Rock n Roll hall of shame board of members, like the music industry itself has eaten itself whole, this time.

Sad Day, man...I am posting the Bob story as well....

Nice post, thanks!



Hey Dave..I have recently been thinking about growing up in California during the golden years as well..Huntington Beach has changed so much..I can't even imagine how anyone affords to live there now!! Anyway, think I am just getting "old"...LOL...I went to Edison H.S. in the '80s..but pretty much the same vibe then. LOVED THE PIC OF YOU AND LAURA! you guys have been together forever..that is so awesome!!!

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