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January 05, 2010



Communicate on Facebook...be heard on myspace.

Myspace as a social site is def. fading into the sunset. Myspace Music as a streaming site is still the strongest on the net and still normally the first google search result for a particular artist. In other words..no one is "hanging out" on myspace..but they are tuning into to hear the music. Keep an eye on lala though..real possibilities there. If iLike wasn't so clunky they could shine more brightly too. But since myspace/news corp own them now..not sure what'll happen.


I also wanted to agree that a Facebook Fan Page along with Twitter would be my 2 picks for "must have" sites for musicians. Both of which have API's that allow 3rd party functionality...If myspace hadn'tbeen so Iron Curtain-ish and allowed outside access early on..they may still be "the hang"


I agree that MySpace is not dead but has definitely peaked. I am especially excited about Lala now that Apple has bought them. As far as iLike, I think Newscorp is sadly part of the problem...just like it is with MySpace. They lack the spirit of innovation that Facebook has. The new developer tools that Facebook is coming out with are amazing...which is why I believe they will eventually crush MySpace.


I agree. I would even go as far as to say that Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Youtube are the four fundamental pillars of social marketing...especially for music. For those reading this who may not know, Jamie Rowe is the singer for Guardian and knows even more about social marketing than I do...but I am a much better bass player!


I still don't think Facebook is very good in terms of letting people hear your music. You can do it but it just isn't as user-friendly and as out-front as Myspace. But aside from that, Facebook all the way. Myspace blows when it comes to communication. It's possible they may have improved things, but they sucked so hard for so long, I can't remember the last time I logged on.


I for one like the simplicity of Facebook over Myspace. Myspace became too bogged down, and now with everyone treating it like their website, it's getting even heavier. Even just accessing the backend is not smooth.

Now that being said, I still go there first when I want to hear/see a band. I don't think too many bands have jumped onto facebook as a page to hear songs and such. I also agree that it is not set up in the best fashion for that. The player is a little weak and needs to be in a more predominate place.

If they play their cards right, Facebook may take the lead. Or maybe Apple will rock the world with something new.

Scott Bolen

That's true you are a much better Bass player hahaha. Reverbnation also ties in well with facebook and has a lot of added advantages as well and Artistdata.com provides a great way to update all your social media from one platform they also just added FanBridge.com a great e-mail list tool to their fold. But yeah Like David and Jamie said Youtube,Facebook,Twitter and the resurrected Myspace are the four pillars of the new social media front a very powerful way to win hearts and minds.


Good points. I like Reverb Nation and Artist Data. Artist Data specifically helps aggregate all of the social sites so that bands can do multiple updates at once instead of doing manual updates on every nook & cranny of every little music site. In truth, bands still probably need to be on every little music site there is but Facebook-MySpace-Twitter-Youtube are the big powerhouses to reach the hoi polloi.

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