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July 08, 2009


Buy WoW Accounts

It is indeed very disturbing that online games are filled with hacks and cheats round every corner. And yet there is generally very huge traffic at these sites.


When I Put Franktownfarts What Do I do Next Or What Will Happen


Wow...That was cool....I used it and it worked!


but it only five days


Is There Anything Else insted Of:

Michael Wilson

The programmer who left that easter egg in the code that actually made it onto the production server is begging to be s#*tcanned!

wow account

cheating is my specialty. these is no better way of playing a game.

buy wow accounts

nice information, but cheating while playing is not good..

good girl but cheater

i love this franktown farts thing it is cool i know what happens

Nuno Santos

the code has expired


it only lasts five day which i have used
then there are no more codes?

the code is actually not cheating i think the hide the codes during the holiday events like thanksgiving and christmas so wait til then to see if they have another one

isnt that thing going on where if you take surveys you win so many franks then buy a free day for every 50 frankks you get from the surveys for get a 500 franks for the actual game??



and reaciclequest works as well!!!!


i typed franktownfarts in and it said it has expired lame site get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Franklin .T Rockworth

Here's another code losers.


You earn a two day membership!
No cursing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i already used recyclequest sucker i anit no***** like u loser


it already expired


get a new cheat losers


who wants tohave SEX


another code is recyclequest but i already used it and i dont know another code someone please tell me!


Ok calm down Emma im sure ill give you a cure. Mail me back if it doesent work. heres another code : secrit sause

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